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Tsarevo - city, located on two peninsulas, including a closed lovely little bay, next to the beach, just 65 km south of Bourgas, at the foot of the Strandja Mountain - this is the newest and charming complex 'Hermes'. It is not by accident, that Tzarevo was chosen by Hermes to make it his wharf. A long time ago here was located Vasiliko, an old Greek colony. Hermes was Messenger of the Gods, the God of boundaries and Travellers who cross them. The unique natualfear of protected areas -in the largest natural park Strandja, near the oldest Reserve Silkosiya and all that - still pristine, wild, untouched...

Location Hermes Alexandria Club Hotel

* Tsarevo, South Black Sea
* next to the beach
* 3-storey main building plus 7-storey adjoining buildings for accomodation
* 2,000 m2 garden
* 200 m from various shops
* 300 m to the centre of Tzarevo
* 65 km from Burgas airport
* Credit cards accepted: MasterCard, Visa

And when spring shade in summer and the sun begans to tempt us to invite the sea - come with us and leave to be touched by the Messenger of Gods 'Hermes', leave to be ankles and care and to spend an unforgettable vacation.

Because you do need exactly this....

Because you have been planning for a long time to come here or just have decided that this is the place for your vacation.

'Hermes' - whoever has come, they always return!


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