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For Your good vacation care Team of professional animators and organized daily sports and animation program for children and adults:

Daily animation includes many games and sports tournaments: Table tennis, volleyball, basketball, football, step-aerobics, water gym, water polo, tae-Bo, a course in Latin dancing, cycling, darts, chess, badmintone.

Evening programmes include show programmes, games with the guests, kareoke, dancing, thematic parties.
Especially for children - The hotel has a Kids Club and children's playgrounds with slides. Especially for children caring kids animators who organize animation programme with many games and activities in the children's club throughout the day and evening children's disco.


Veleka River

Will have experience near to the nature in a unique way - Veleka River is one of the most beautiful and full in fish rivers in Bulgaria. Take it source in Turkey, but only 23 km away from its course belongs to our southern neighbor. Even the river is relatively large and wide, curioisity fact is that is sailing in the last 10 kilometers before its merger into the sea. It is part of the nature reserve Strandzha. Our excursion is with motor-boat upstream of the river, where you can see populations of Caspian terrapins, bloom of yellow water lily and to reaches apiary 'Paradise' - tasting of Strandzha honey and back downstream to get to the mouth of the river . Her mouth is especially beautiful in the manner in which the river is rife in the sea, passing under a large sandy strip - 'sandy hair'. Interesting is that each time the mouth change the situation, and sometimes even flowing into the sea it's erase entirely 'sandy hair'.


Istanbul is an ancient historical city and that's why the places you can visit are a lot. Istanbul is located on two continents - in eastern Asia and western - in Europe. Our tour starts from the historic core of the city - the Roman cistern, Sultan Ahmed Mosque called also 'Blue Mosque '- the first mosque in the Ottoman Empire with 6 minarets, built through 1609g. You will be satisfied with panoramic tour of the city - from the historical peninsulas in the Gulf 'Golden Horn' - the Bay of Bosporus to the new city around the palace Dolmabahche seraglio - Atatyurk residence, now a museum in the Bosporus to the Asian part. Will not miss and Topkapa Saray - the castle, which during the Ottoman Empire was a residence of the Turkish sultans temple and St.Sofia - a church turned into a mosque after the conquer the Byzantium by the Turks, now a museum.


For our guests we offer Aquapark Primorsko - a special prices and also free of charge for the kids up to 12 years. The whole family will enjoy the many and varied attraction

Jeep safari

Come with us on a trip with a jeeps in a natural park Strandzha. Route: We start from Tzarevo upstream of Veleka river for about 15 kilometers. Than have to be visits the Bulgarian village Brodilovo where you can see the church from 15 centuty. Should return back upriver with jeeps and to finish our trip with motor-boat on the river for about 1 hour.