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For Tsarevo

Tzarevo (Vasiliko and Michurin) no doubt have to be visited. It takes two peninsulas (north and south) and has three azure beaches. The southern peninsula has the remains of a medieval fortress. It was built at the end of the Castro Cape and was quadrangular building. North of Tzarevo in archeological excavations have found remains of Roman amphoras and ceramics from 4 - 6 century. The Bay has been port for large vessels. Both coastal rocks, however, were dangerous in a strong east wind, and usually ships avoided them. Church of St. Trinity, built in 1810, is located in the residential district Vasiliko. There are icons in a good shape painted by John Zograf, Dimitar Zograf, Todor Zograf, indicate the existence of an older church. Most consideration are the icon of St. Nicholas, protector of sailors and fishermen and the icon of John the Baptist.

The town is known for its fishing and shipbuilding, which has been favorable easily obtain wood from Strandzha. Through the port the town keep contact with Istanbul, ports of Marble Sea, Aegean Sea and Mediterranean.

Thanks to this development the town become a cultural center for the region. In XIX century was opened Greek school. In 1913, after its accession to Bulgaria the Greecs are moved from and their place was replaced by Bulgarians. In 1914 created the first Bulgarian school and community center.

In addition to the three beach Tzarevo has two exotic campsite - Bulgarka and Nestinarka.
Unique combination of sea, mountains and rivers with exotic vegetation and diversity of animal species. These conditions are a prerequisite for the development of ecotourism identification, yacht tourism, hobby tourism related observations of flora and fauna, hunting tourism, sports and underwater fishing. The presence of rich cultural - historical heritage defines the possibility for development of rural and cultural tourism identification. Tzarevo offers many attractions, comfort, hospitality and impeccable service. Very pleasant are evening walk along the breakwater in coastal town park or the bay, where is the church 'Assumption.'