Hermes Alexandria Club Hotel

In Tsarevo - the city located on two peninsulas, between which is a beautiful small bay, right on the beach, just 65 km south of Bourgas, at the foot of Strandzha Mountain is located the newest and most fascinating complex 'Hermes'. It is no coincidence that 'Hermes' has chosen Tsarevo as its home. In ancient times, the old Greek colony of Vasiliko was located here. Hermes - the Herald of the gods, the god of borders and travelers who cross them. Near Tsarevo you will find a lot of beautiful places like the biggest nature park - 'Strandzha' and the oldest reserve 'Silkosia', which are definitely worth visiting.
Hermes Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Lobby Bar
  • Beach Bar
Entertainment & Sports
  • Swimming Pool
  • Daily Animation
  • Sports
  • Three Beautiful Beaches
  • Holy Trinity Church
  • Strandzha Nature Park
  • Silkosiya Reserve

Hermes Hotel Highlights

  • Swimming pools
  • Rooms
  • Parking


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